CoinHive’s Malware Epidemic is Hitting Iran Hard

Crypto-jacking is making headlines recently for becoming quite the hurdle that investors and regulators alike are trying to overcome. The sector has seen an increasing number of infections globally, and no one seems to be safe from its consequences.

Banbreach, a security firm, reported that an increasing number routers being exploited to crypto-jacking malware has more than doubled throughout the past month in India alone.

Nations Hit Hardest

The malware responsible for the most recent wave of cryptojacking, dubbed CoinHive, is hitting developing nations the hardest. Current numbers portray that the malware infected more than 11,000 routers within Iran, according the country’s leading cybersecurity agency.

The Iran CERTCC revealed that over 11,360 MikroTik routers within the nation were infected with the destructive malware used to mine Monero.

Iran was not the only country to be hit this badly, nor is it the nation that was hit the hardest: the agency said that Brazil had the most infected routers at over 80,000 cases, followed by India at almost 30,000 and Indonesia with 23,000.

2 years ago

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