Coinbase & Robinhood List ETC

On the 6th of August, Coinbase, one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, announced its support of Ethereum Classic transfers on its platform due to begin on the 7th. According to the post by the company, ETC trading will be made available to almost all exchange customers, including the Coinbase Market, Prime and Pro users although any Coinbase Consumer that failed to retract any ETC prior to the split at the beginning of 2017 would not be granted ETC credit due to the fact that it had no support prior to the fork.

Additional Announcements

As per the blog post, Coinbase Prime and Pro will have access to ETC transfers for at least two days before its availability to the markets. Additionally, once the company acquired enough liquidity for ETC, Prime and Pro users will be permitted to trade.

Another cryptocurrency exchange, Robinhood, has also announced its support for ETC, one day before Coinbase. As for those wondering why Coinbase and Robinhood would specifically begin listing ETC, the former has stated that it began supporting the cryptocurrency due to an increased demand by users.

As both exchanges have already listed and are currently backing most of the major cryptocurrencies, including BTC, ETH, and Litecoin, the new listing of Ethereum Classic may simply be the latest move by either exchange to expand further. Chief Executive Officer and founder of the Digital Currency Group, Barry Silbert, may also be another factor in Coinbase’s latest addition of ETC due to his continuous investment in the platform.

Barry Silbert also shared both announcements by the crypto-exchanges and has built a reputation for himself as a consistent ETC bull. In an article published two years ago by Reuters, the CEO showed so much support for Ethereum Classic that the community dubbed him “Barry Shillbert”.

A post on Twitter by the CEO during July of 2016 stated that he quadrupled his investment in ETC and another post last year by Silbert stated that almost $400K annually would be donated to the continued development of ETC.

2 years ago

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