Coinbase Reveals Two New Upgrades

Coinbase has just made two new unveilings of an additional two perks designed simplify a few things for digital currency traders on their platform. On the 7th of August, newcomers will see the end of the five day waiting period to begin trading after registering with the exchange.

As per the news announced on a blog, the company has stated that nobody wants to endure a five-day wait before being able to purchase digital currencies and despite accepting direct transfers through wire and debit cards, the latter can take days at a time to come through.


Following the new additions, users will no instantly be issued credit in regards to any spent assets directly to the bank accounts. Through this, users will be able to purchase and sell cryptocurrencies directly from their USD although no funds will be transferred off the platform itself until incoming funds have been received.

Additionally, the 24-hour purchase limit is now $25K per day as opposed to the older limit of $25K per week. New and eager traders, as well as elite traders looking to invest more in the daily limit, will be mandated to pass the exchange’s verification protocols, including an image of a legitimate driver’s license for any US resident users to utilize any of the two new features.

Coinbase has stated in the announcement that any customers or users that not finished the verification process must complete it in order to access any of the new perks implemented including instant purchase, extended traded restrictions and more. US traders will be the first to experience the new features upon completing the required ID verification by the exchange while international users will be required to wait a bit more for global release.

2 years ago

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