Coinbase Reports No Illicit Bitcoin Trading Since Last Year

A leading crypto-exchange, Coinbase discovered that no irregular trading has happened since last year involving the BCH pairings and their launch. One representative stated that the new investigation into possible insider trading by two law companies have confirmed that no irregular trading occurred. 


No Illicit Attempts

The company spokesperson stated that the new investigation into its employees has revealed that no inside trading had happened since last year and the representative has stated that that the company will immediately fire any employee or terminate any contracts with companies and with proper evidence, the company will handle the situation legally should any illegal activities or inside trading appear.

During a meeting with the whole company, the investigative report was revealed and discussed among its employees. Coinbase had previously planned on releasing the trading pairs involving Bitcoin Cash for the beginning of 2019, although December saw the sudden operational launch of its platform. Given that the pairings were indeed set to launch in January, many became suspicious of those working within the company that was involved in the trading pairs after its date of release was altered and resulted in a BCH spike in price.

Brian Armstrong, the CEO of Coinbase revealed last year that the company would begin investigating the matter legally and said that as BCH’s price skyrocket prior to the official announcement, Coinbase will be inspecting the situation personally and legally. Additionally, if any employees or other related parties have been found to actually be trading on the inside or committing any other act that violates the exchange’s rules and regulations will be immediately terminated and subject to legal action as employees were completely forbidden from trading with BCH and revealing any company plans.

2 years ago

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