Coinbase To Possibly Add 40 New Cryptos

On the 3rd of August, Coinbase cryptocurrency exchange platform stated a possible adding of around 40 new crypto-coins to its custodial platform, Coinbase Custody. Revealing the news on a blog, it firmly states that these digital assets might be added strictly as storage and CBC will list them as fast and securely as they can. Additionally, the blog revealed that the company had announced the news both internally and publically as a means of providing trust to its customers.

The More The Merrier

Among the many new additions taken into consideration by Coinbase include Ripple, EOS, ADA, BTG and more. Coinbase announced that adding a new cryptocurrency to its custody platform does not entail addition to every other product by the Coinbase. Additionally, any currency taken into consideration will first have to successfully complete the GDAX.

Coinbase also says that users may possibly witness public APIs and many other indications that the company is currently undergoing integration of new cryptocurrencies. Although the company cannot confirm the dates of these additions, let alone if any of them will be added to CBC, regular updates will be published to keep customers informed on any progress.

CBC saw its launch last month with a purpose of tackling the biggest issue facing any investor in the sector which is security and protection. The service will then utilize several updated security measures such as blockchain crypto segregation, protection of offline transactions and incredibly study offline storage auditing and monitoring. Additionally, plans for stronger hot wallets have been announced.

This new service has also been verified and validated by the ETC, a broker under compliance of the SEC and a member of FINRA.

2 years ago

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