Coinbase: Partner Relationship Among Crypto and Video Gaming

The correlation between crypto VR and gaming is undeniable. On that topic, Fred Eshram, one of the masterminds of Coinbase gave a lengthy discussion about the interdependent relationship and its future and repercussions on the games and recreation sector.


Ehrsam highlighted that everything is a remix, including games. All the big games have stood on the shoulders of older platforms like how LoL is a copy-cat of DOTA, who also borrowed its origins from Warcraft 3. Eshram stated that Fortnite, the $300 winner, was a copied version of PUBG, a massive multiplayer online game, yet another mod of a different BR platform. This supports his belief that the largest names in games are the ones who can live and be built upon, the future lies in the platform.

He exclaimed that digital currencies and BC tech are the gateways for users to become engaged amongst participants in this type of reality by creating an ecosystem that gives way for transferable assets and gives a real-world value which earns gamers a virtual living.

The Block of BC Gaming

However, the BC gaming theory has tunnel vision when it comes to leaders in the sector: that it’s better for these industries to withhold their profits close-ended and avoid any risks, but, according to Eshram, the next trend in gaming is entrepreneurial and will definitely split the existing patterns.

Big new names of both SC platforms and contenders including TRON and NEO, and Decentraland are inspecting how gaming can drive mainstream success.

Finally, it’s a dog-fight and whoever creates games that merge BC and crypto in the simplest forms will conquer the market.

2 years ago

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