Coinbase Makes Its Way Into The Crypto-gift Card Industry

The crypto-exchange giant is offering customers the ability to purchase digital gift cards by trading for crypto. Making their statement on the 25th of July, Coinbase confirmed its collaboration with WeGift, granting users a way to pay for brand names and services including Uber, Google Play, Nike and more. 

Direct Spending

The post by the company stated that as of the 25th, shoppers within the European Union and Australia and will be able to spend the digital currencies directly and quickly on digital gift cards and establishing the platform as the first of its kind. 

It also highlights that the platform will target the several European countries including the UK and France, as well as Australia as of now and aims at boosting more retailers and drawing them into the markets over a 3-month period. It will also be available to more countries globally as it goes on. 


As of now, digital currencies are still a topic of hesitance for several major labels. Expedia, a travel agency conglomerate withdrew their BTC service last month. Freedom of the Press Foundation was granted almost $470K donations in ETH on the first day of the added service, granting the non-profit organization a hefty sum.

2 years ago

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