Coinbase on Hunt for New Cryptocurrency Additions

Coinbase, one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange platforms, is looking to add more digital currencies to its system. According to Coinbase, the company is currently discussing adding new coins in a joint effort with financial officials and institutions.

Possible Additions

While no official announcement has been made just yet, a few of the coins under consideration are Cardano, Zcash, and Basic Attention Tokens, also known as BAT. Given the platforms distinguished reputation, Coinbase is a well-known contributing factor and a trusted one among its community and the crypto industry and offers potential investor interest towards the coins being explored.

Coinbase has stated that although its addition of Ethereum Classic in June 2018 was swift and efficient, further developments involving regulations are required for any of the new coins and the exchange could not make any promises regarding their introduction. Many exchange users accused the company’s employees of unfairly gaining profit from prior knowledge after Bitcoin Cash was introduced and conveniently saw a massive spike in price.

The new announcement could be a potential attempt at building its popularity even more by involving its users in the early planning stage of the possible coin additions despite no guarantee that any or every coin will join Coinbase on its exchange. The company may also be attempting to soothe concerns regarding API’s as guaranteed support is not viable on the platform.  

2 years ago

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