Coinbase CEO Announces New Quarterly Transparency Publication

Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of Coinbase, Brian Armstrong, announced online that quarterly publications will occur as a move to provide more transparency. Previously, these publications only occurred within the company and are now expanding publically on a quarterly basis.


As the article released by the company regarding the second quarter of 2018 displays, it consists of beneficial numbers within the recent period and provides an informative report publically released to everyone. One of the most important factors is acquiring talent and has resulted in 60 high ranking leadership figures hired by the exchange.

Coinbase also purchased several “tactical” companies and platforms including Paradex and Keystone. As part of the venture investments, these acquisitions prove as important as OpenSea, Elph, and others. Operations within the company itself have led to more vital advancements as mentioned in the published analysis. The report also mentions GDAX being divided into Coinbase Pro for individual investors to partake in and Coinebase Prime for companies and businesses.

Additionally, the company has pointed out the number benefits and contributions in regards of digital currency regulations within the United States on governmental levels.


Concerns and rumors are circulating that this is a PR stunt by the company, although Ripple had also previously released their own detailed report earlier in July. The co-founder and CEO of did describe in detail about the transparency topic, however, the paper seems to lack any informative statements regarding numbers and simply states the achievements of the company.

Even more, concerns surround accusations against the company of trading inside involving BCH. Later on, all internal investigations cleared the matter and revealed no such activities.

2 years ago

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