COD Hackers Face Imprisonment for Stealing Over $3M in Crypto

A number of CoD gamers in Chicago are facing the Federal Bureau of Investigation and theft accusations for their involvement in a hacking ploy targeting millions in cryptocurrency.


The suspects are two men, one from Bloomington and the other from Dolton. As stated by the search warrant issued for his house, the former told the Feds that other members of the gang coerced him into involvement. They did so after chatting online while playing the game, and the other perpetrators of the ring used SWATting  (reporting a false crime that requires the intervention of what was originally called the Special Weapons Attack Team and is now referred to as Special Weapons And Tactics, an elite unit of the police) to bully him into partaking, he alleges.

He confessed to receiving full contact details from the other ring members in order to control the mobiles of their targets, and a hundred people fell prey to his hacking, as noted in the affidavit. The victims' phones are the keys to their cryptocurrency safes, and they used that to hack directly into them.

Two years ago, the FBI got a report from an American company named Augur, which owns Reputation Token, saying that their staff was the target of a crypto robbery.

Augur is a network where people bet their cryptocurrency, and the platform gives people the freedom to predict the direction and slope of current markets. Betting is open to all kinds of wagers, even to the potential execution of a specific politician.

Since they have not yet been indicted, the names of the suspects involved remain undisclosed.

How It All Happened

The suspects purportedly floated their newfound wealth of tokens through BTC and ETH then directly into their wallets. The amount they’re accused of stealing totals to just over $3 million, andof that about $800,000 is from Augur tokens, as stated in the report.

The first official interview with the man from Bloomington happened in March of last year, but he was first tracked in January through his interactions with another suspect. They discussed coercing a specific vic, according to interview records.

During the ST’s online interview, the aforementioned man said he also was one of the ring's targets and dismissed the thought of him ever receiving hacking compensation.

Although he admitted to hacking people’s phones, he exclaimed that the number is much less than what he’s accused of taking.

The Dolton suspect is taking a vow of silence after the home search. Augur is choosing to remain silent as well, probably betting on the outcome of the situation.

2 years ago

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