Co-Founder of Mozilla Draws in 3 Million Users to Crypto Browser

The innovative mind behind JavaScript and a co-founder of Mozilla, Brenden Eich, is one of the most distinguished developers of all time. In his latest online achievement, Eich announced a new record of 3 million active users on the Brave browser, a cryptocurrency-funded project. Brave reached its new height within just one year of its launch and its 30-second coin sale.

Token Sale

In May of last year, Brender announced the beginning of his BAT, the native currency of his website based on cryptocurrencies. Once the initial coin offering was launched, the BAT saw an incredible sale of almost $35 million worth and many potential buyers were left grieving due to the speed behind it all. The coin witnessed its massive sale within just the first thirty seconds of its launch.

One particular buyer purchased $6K in Ethereum and much larger purchase saw 20000 Ethereum, almost $5 million worth. Both buyers could not join the sale fast enough due to its insane speed. In total, 138 buyers managed to purchase tokens and five different buyers purchased half of the entire sale.


Brave, the new cryptofunded web browser, simplifies users experience due to its internal ad feature, removing any non-browser advertisements and publishing companies or individuals are paid in the native BAT.With more than 18K registered users creating profitable content, Brave could be a potential and significant rival of YouTube, the same website who’s streamers contribute to ninety percent of the content presented on Brave, as well as streamers from the popular TwitchTv.

As of this moment, Brave is one of the most downloaded applications on Google’s store, topping the chart in its category. Bitmain’s investment worth $50M in Opera, another popular web browser. Opera may see another huge success after announcing its own native wallet was under planning and discussion.

2 years ago

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