Co-Founder of Google Announces Involvement in Mining

Earlier this week, Sergey Brin caught the community off-guard after announcing that he is an active Ethereum miner. During a Blockchain convention, Brin explained that apart from his operations with Google, the co-founder enjoys mining Ethereum with his child.

Mining on the side 

After Google’s 2015 operational restructuring, Alphabet was born as its parent company. Sergey Brin acts as the company’s Director and while he continues to operate as its head, he revealed that he mines Ethereum on the side and involves his son as well. Ethereum is also the second largest digital coin in terms of value. 

The co-founder explained that Google’s efficiency behind its search platform and its email service are a result of the company paying special attention to technologies providing break-through potential and further understanding their development. He also added that the experts behind cryptocurrency research and development.

He also spoke about the new innovations and applications cryptocurrencies have contributed to the world so far, such as creating new transaction platforms and proof-of-work policies. According to him, the new innovative introductions are “extraordinary”.

Zero-K Proof 

Another concept he tackled was zero-proof knowledge, a protocol in which supports minor cryptocurrencies and their surrounding anonymity. He added that even he doesn’t fully understand how exactly it works.

Furthermore, Brin stated that the future will involve actually undergoing the development of current innovative notions and their application to the real world. Last year, Brin praised the growing technology and leading digital coins as the factors responsible for today’s spike in the computer industry.

After Google followed through on banning any cryptocurrency promotional content which resulted in a massive backlash, Sergey admitted that the company did not present the right mindset in accepting and adopting cryptocurrency technology. 

2 years ago

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