A Closer Look At The Three Most Successful Digital Exchange Coins

Unless an investor is pouring funds into the coin or operating on a certain exchange, certain coins are underestimated when it comes to their impact on the cryptocurrency network, making them valuable assets to follow.


Binance quickly cemented itself as a leading crypto trading exchange after launching last year. Before its release, Binance raised the necessary funds through an initial coin offering to ensure the launch of a successful and secure exchange. BNB is the native coin of the platform and played a vital role in funds raised through ICO.


Binance coins abide by the same standards as every other coin on Ethereum’s network, the platform on which it operates. Users can pay for transactions with BNB- the token’s initial purpose- and following the year after its launch on the platform, all trading fees were offered at half the price.


Apart from its uses on the exchange, Binance coins can also be utilized to pay for purchases from decentralized gift stores online as well as the company’s mobile application.



As a cryptocurrency equal in ratio to the United States dollar, Tether was designed as a means of achieving a stabilized coin to be used accordingly free of the volatile tendencies other tokens possess.


As the leading digital currency in terms of stability, Tether is the native token of a digital exchange operated Bitfinex, one of the top exchanges in the industry.

One leading issue regarding Tether is the collateral use of tokens for trading, a contradictive move against the decentralized nature of the cryptocurrency environment, one which the community wholly supports.




The Houbi token is another coin functioning on its native platform. Launched in February, the Houbi coin built an exceptional fan base and saw doubled volumes in its first month. 


Although Houbi tokens operate on the same Ethereum platform as Binance tokens, and function in the same way as a method of paying for transactions on its native framework, Houbi differs from Binance in certain ways. Houbi tokens were designed to function as points preloaded onto cards users utilize to pay for services with.


With the discounts Houbi provide, many big time investors are drawn to the exchange token.

2 years ago

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