Classes in Russia Prepare Lawyers for the Crypto World

Legal experts in Russia are being offered professional courses by companies in order to learn about the technology and what challenges they might face when working on related cases. Russia’s oldest economics university has collaborated with 2 law firms that work within the digital space, and the houses of parliament for this project that is aimed at helping attorneys learn more about cryptos.


The Program Will Include Everything About Cryptos

The class will last one month and will take place at the Plekhanov University of Economics, among the biggest and oldest universities in Russia. It will focus on legal regulations within the field, as well as, law proceedings in Russia and outside it.

The co-founder of the course, Alexander Zhuravlev, explained how as the course ends the lawyers will be able to work effectively with blockchain-based products. He stated that the 6th unit of the course, which will start on 23 November, will talk about cryptos, ICOs, exchange platforms, smart contracts, digital ledgers, and mining. AML and KYC regulations will also be discussed in the program.

Also among the founders is IT Technologia, a firm that provides legal consultations to IT firms, and also to the parliament. The lecturers who have been invited to take part come from various fields; among them are Gerbery Shopnik, the CEO of Bitfury’s Russian branch as well as Lavka Lavka’s co-founder/director, Alexander Mikhailov.

As part of the course titled “Blockchain Lawyers,” the participating members will visit several places like the State Duma and also the Federation Council, where they get to present ideas to lawmakers about rules and regulations in relation to the digital world, which includes cryptos. The attorneys will also get to meet with representatives from Russia's leading internet firm They will join a group of experts in the field who are working towards bettering the legal structure of fintech.

The Crypto Industry Still Lacks Regulation in Russia

The crypto environment remains absent any real regulations in Russia following the fact that the implementation of a cluster of 3 bills was postponed for the parliamentary event due later this fall. Furthermore, public debates are ongoing, with leaders in the crypto industry condemning the legal structure brought forth by the state because it lacks crucial aspects related to the field. Keywords such as cryptos, smart contracts, or mining have been removed completely from the text on digital assets.

The RACIB and the RSPP have put forth their own suggestions for crypto regulations. A draft from the RSPP provides cryptos with special status. The lawyers who participate in the class will be able to share their perspectives.

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