Bitcoin Makes Significant Jump As China Releases Crypto Rankings

China has released the August crypto rankings. This month’s list saw the entry of two new cryptos. From the list, bitcoin made it to the top 10 list with improvement from last month. Authorities base their ranking on three sections: technology, application, and innovation.

The rankings were released by the CCID, a government agency. CCID rankings entailed 33 cryptocurrency projects. To date, the center has released four rankings since May this year. In June, two additional projects EOS and Nebulas were ranked.

In July, the Gxchain project was added while NULS and Tezos become the entrants to the latest list. Notably, bitcoin jumped from the 16th position held in July to number 10. At the pole position is EOS while ethereum holds the second position. Bitcoin Cash holds the 29th position.

According to CCID, it based its ranking on anchor technology utilization of innovations in public chains. The canter stated that bitcoin’s jump was due to the recent update on its code. It earned the highest score of 40.3. Bitcoin moved from 16th to 10th place, thanks to the latest successful update of the code.


"Compared   with the previous ranking, the top five most improved [in terms of]   innovation are EOS, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Hcash and Stratis."


EOS, Bitcoin, Hcash, Stratis and Bitcoin Cash recorded significant  upward movements. NULS and Tezos ranked at 21st and 28th positions in  that order.NULS previously served as a blockchain base with  microkernels. However, a majority of its functions are still being  developed. Tezos on the other has advanced features.

2 years ago

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