Chinese Digital Billionaire Caught Tongue-Lashing Binance & QTUM

Li Xiaolai has recently brought controversy onto himself after a recording which featured the Chinese billionaire was leaked to the public. In the video, Xiaolai is caught expressing his thoughts, albeit poorly, towards the biggest names involved in the cryptocurrency industry. The community took social media by storm- different channels on YouTube have also discussed and inspected the newly-released tape and voiced their own opinions regarding the billionaire’s recorded outburst.


The tape was first released by 8btc, a Chinese publication, and reports on the outrage behind the billionaire’s controversial comments. According to reports and the tape’s contents, the leading heads at three companies, Binance, NEO, and QTUM, were the centerpiece of his  harsh comments.

Xiaolai attacked Binance’s founder, Changpeng, and accused him of possessing no actual knowledge regarding the industry. According to the tape, Xiaolai stated that the Changpeng was involved in corrupt dealings with the OKEx founder. He has accused Binance of fraud and attributed the company’s success to nothing more than luck, given the Chinese ban on cryptocurrency trading platforms last year.

Li was allegedly filmed without his consent and did not know that his verbal-lashing of the three industrial icons was being recorded. He has since confessed to being the voice on the tape and continued defending himself, as well as his voiced opinions, on the recording, and has no intention of issuing apologies to the names mentioned by him.


By refusing to apologize, Li stands by his accusations and allegation and said that he is free to express his opinions and is not forced by anyone in private to hold back on anything he has to say. 

He also attacked NEO, the blockchain company operating in China, stating that the project was worthless and “stupid” and claimed that its founder himself had almost no native assets on the platform. 

2 years ago

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