Chinese Citizens Decentralize Information Transfer Following Unsafe Vaccine Incident

As a moral initiative by the citizens of China, blockchain is being utilized as a socially responsible technology among its countless other uses. A report published stated that one blogger posted online about Changchun Changsheng, a biotech company was produced and selling hazardous vaccines for children.


According to reports, China’s SDA responsible for the healthcare industry within the country and its regulation that the biotech company had manipulated documents and numbers for almost 113K rabies vaccines created for humans. The uploading blogger, named Beast, Changchun Changsheng saw an immediate shut down of its facility and production after an unexpected investigation by the SDA took place.

24 hours later, reports indicated that Beast’s uploaded report on the matter was deleted by official online monitors including any attempt at reposting the investigative report. Acting too slowly, the post spread through WeChat like wildfire as online users have ensured the complete protection of the report by storing it permanently on a blockchain.

As mentioned in the report, users would easily add the blog post to a blockchain by sending themselves just 50 cents worth in a cryptocurrency and then storing the post within the metadata which is designed to house articles, notes, essays and more information within a transaction. Additionally, anyone on Ethereum would have access to the stored report and given its decentralized nature, no official Chinese government authority could interfere or remove it.

Fixed State

As of now, Beast’s analysis report is permanently reserved and established on the blockchain. Additionally, Beast was not the first or only individual to complete a similar feat. One student uploaded his report earlier this year reporting threats against her involvement in a sexual assault case with her school when the government immediately took down the letter.

She then uploaded her publication to Ethereum and is still present for anyone to access on the network.

2 years ago

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