China’s Leading Newsprint Group to Introduce Blockchain Laboratory

People capital has entered into a partnership with Xunlei Company to use blockchain knowledge for invention and to improve the Chinese economy. Additionally, it intends to improve the world economy in future.


The coalition between the two entities was as a result of an international partnership treaty that was signed at the beginning of the year. This was done during the China-US business and investment conference that was organized by Daily Online in America. People’s Daily Online platform is one of China’s biggest print media sources. The Communist Party uses it to disseminate information to its audience on currents issues.

Xunlei Limited commenced its operations with the intention of being a cloud computing corporation before turning to the blockchain technology business. Its core activity is to provide infrastructure for blockchain. The entity introduced a dispersed file system known as TCFS in July as an essential skill to enhance DLT platforms.

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The partnership between Xunlei and People Capital will create a blockchain test center which will explore the uses of blockchain knowledge through several business divisions. Apart from the laboratory, they will also organize service platform for unifying disconnected fintech events, competitions and workshops. The main goal is to promote invention in DLT startups.

The laboratory will operate under the domain of individual investment’s Blockchain investigation institute. The research institute focuses on dispersed ledger technology.

Expounding on the declaration, Xunlei CEO Lei Chen said the organization places an emphasis on the innovative work of blockchain-related advances and the environment in general. He additionally remarked on the organization's ThunderChain, which would be furthered on a mainnet.

ThunderChain Decentralizes Its File Storage System

The ThunderChain is a devolved file storage system. This means that several people who are located in remote locations can share files. Xunlei discloses that this system can process more than a million transactions in a second. It is considered to be stable because of its ability to handle voluminous transactions. As a result, it offers quick and reliable services to clients.

Previously CNN announced the introduction of globe’s initial blockchain identity test center known as Blockpass Identity Lab. It was introduced as a result of a £600,000 partnership between Blockpass IDN and Napier University. The research facility will use dispersed ledger to safeguard individual information. The measure will ensure that investors do not lose their resources while executing transactions in the digital money market.

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