China has become more affectionate to the BTC

One of the official websites of one of the Chinese state banks recently published an infographic explaining how the cryptocurrency functions, what methods of its use and what kind of BTC is valuable. Against the backdrop of the official ban on cryptocurrencies in the country, this is a good sign!

This is not the case with the People's Bank of China, which is a regulator and developer of the country's financial policy. The more liberal Chinese bank seems to have started promoting Bitcoin. The infographics suggest both the pros and cons of BTC ownership.

Justin Sun, the founder of Tron's cryptocurrency, is mentioned, and today he is a strong leader in the top of China's most successful entrepreneurs. And so is the information about the suicide of a trader who lost his life after losing two thousand BTCs in a failed deal.

There is also information on the decentralized nature of the cryptocurrency, high volatility of its value, lack of clear tax status, anonymity and impossibility to forge coins. The Infographics conclude with a warning of high investment risks, however, based on the overall information pattern, the report is generally positive.

1 year ago

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