China-Based Game Developer Joining Blockchain

Animoca Brands, a mobile app developer specialized in creating games in Hong Kong, decided to invest and develop its profits in the market by joining 6 popular blockchain companies all over the world which include the likes of Datum, LikeCoin, Musicoin, OST, Harmony, and I-House.


Starting with $1 million, Animoca will develop a double-benefit cooperation with every blockchain company through sharing its swaps. This will include reasonable pricing for its sales to be a minimum of $0.07.

Speaking about digital matters, Animoca will focus on developing mobile apps for blockchain businesses, as well as developing new technologies which are beneficial for blockchain companies. Regarding its objective to grow within Hong Kong and international markets, Animoca is focusing on promoting mainstream adoption, industry values, and utility of all digital tokens in the blockchain industry.

Animoca Investment In Blockchain

Aiming at gaining traction within the cryptocurrency industry, Animco thought outside of the box in order to increase its sales and engage in creating mobile games related to blockchain such as Crazy Defence Heroes. By accomplishing this target, Animco will be the first in the market to combine both blockchain and mobile apps development.

The co-founder of Animoca,Yat Siu, announced that as part of his aim to become Hong Kong’s leader in such an investment they decided to do their best to increase their investments in the blockchain industry to reach 17. Still, they are researching the market to establish unique and specialized technologies for use in developing these apps facilitated by partnerships with the world’s leading blockchain companies.

Following up on recent digital trends, Animoca found that inevitably, everything evolves digitally with each market seeking to present their products and services with the latest technological advancements. As a result, Animoca decided to focus on virtual reality as a main feature when developing mobile apps. Therefore, they cooperated with a VR blockchain company called MANA which has been gaining popularity in the greater market scope.

Animoca also extended its development and industry related targets to include OST technology in gaming developing facilitated by a collaboration with OST.

2 years ago

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