Chicago Board Options Exchange to introduce ETH Futures towards the end of 2018

C.B.O.E Global Markets, owned by the Chicago Board Options Exchange (C.B.O.E) and among the biggest exchanges on the globe, is hoping to introduce Ethereum Futures, as announced on an American business website on 30th Aug, 2018. 
The American website stated that C.B.O.E wants to establish Ethereum futures before the year ends. C.B.O.E will supposedly construct its Ethereum futures with respect to Gemini's basic structure; the organization likewise constructed its Bitcoin futures with the help of a trade platform operated by the Winklevoss brothers from NY.

The C.B.O.E propelled Bitcoin futures exchange in Dec. 2017. Futures refer to a consensus to vend and purchase cryptocoins on a particular day at a particular cost, and allow individuals to guess the BTC cost when not owning Bitcoins. BTC futures are not only exchanged with Bitcoins only but, they can be exchanged with cash currencies too.

Reliable sources also disclosed to the American website that investors on C.F.T.C are looking forward to participate in the ETH futures even if its formal presentation has not yet happened.

Although some months back the America’s SEC, declared that the sales of Ethereum are not securities transactions. C.B.O.E chief Chris Concannon went ahead to state, "This declaration removes a major hindrance for Ethereum futures, a project for we have thought about as of the time we propelled the Bitcoin futures in Dec. last year."

A month ago, the chicago mercantile exchange (C.M.E) distributed a statement provide details regarding day to day trading of bitcoin futures. The C.M.E statement indicated BTC futures trade volumes rose by 93% in the months of April, May and June as compared to the first three months of 2018. The C.M.E additionally expressed that the quantity of open contracts on Bitcoin futures has surpassed 2,400, which added up to 58% rise in the first quarter of 2018.

The C.M.E introduces Bitcoin futures exchanging on 17th Dec, 2017, just after CBOE presented their Bitcoin futures. In July, the C.M.E’s chief executive, Terry Duffy states that the organization is far from presenting futures on other digital currencies apart from Bitcoin, referring to their instability as the significant cause.

2 years ago

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