Charlie Lee, Creator of Litecoin, Believes LTC Will Soon Hit $400

Following this month’s major surge in the value of the ten leading cryptocurrencies including BTC and many altcoins, Charlie Lee and crypto-supporters are faithful in Litecoin and believe it’s price will make it to the $400 mark. 


Charlie Lee believes his coin will reach the intended price due to the numerous developments and effort put into reaching the all-time high. Earlier in 2018, LTC and other altcoins saw a drop in value on the market and even the world’s leading cryptocurrency, BTC plummeted under $6K although a promising reversal has occurred and digital currencies are climbing back up the charts.

The positive gains by leading currencies including LTC has restored faith in investors and traders as well as exchange operators. Consistently repeating the positive outlook is Charlie Lee, the creator of Litecoin. Lee has constantly poured efforts into the community to try and maintain optimism towards his coin and everyone is on board to hike up the price of LTC and reap the benefits after.

Charlie Lee stirred controversy earlier this year after giving up on Litecoin, stating on social media that he was “trying his best” to bring LTC to its desired price and that the community should back off. 


This week, Litecoin and TokenPay shook hands, forming a new collaboration resulting in the launch of Litecoin Foundation (LTCF) as a standalone body that has recently purchased almost 10 percent of WEG Bank’s stake.

TokenPay transferred its owned shares from the German bank to the LTC Foundation, trading their shares for technical solutions regarding the advancement of TokenPay’s initiative to supply customers with several efficient crypto-payment methods. Both will collaborate on TokenPay’s many blockchain projects.

Charlie has expressed his interest in merging his LTC with the German bank and its many services to enable easier purchases of Litecoin. While announcing and revealing many plans for Litecoin, enthusiasts are once again following Lee and hoping to see the $400 ultimate goal. 

2 years ago

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