Charlie Lee Announces Send-Receive LTC Services On Telegram

The crypto-sphere has been demanding more adoption of cryptocurrencies for quite some time. As of now, Litecoin is available via text messaging on and mass adoption seems much closer. On the 9th of August, the cryptocurrency community rejoiced over an announcement by Charlie Lee, creator of LTC, stating that the coin may now be sent and received through Telegram and through text messaging on cell phones.

More Acceptance

According to Lee, no better time for individuals to group and further expand adoption than during the current bear-dominated market. He then goes on to direct everyone to the website and explains the transfer options now available for Litecoin. Zulu Republic, the creative mind behind the project has stated that their main mission since the very beginning was to revolutionize all the fundamental principles of cryptocurrencies and make them possible. In the announcement made, the company expressed their desire for mass adoption through the new project.

Additionally, will provide access to LTC for every individual, even with the simplest form of a cellphone as long as it holds SMS capabilities and even without an internet connection and from any location around the world. Although Telegram is very well considered to be the safest and most secure messenger application by the crypto-sphere, SMS transfers will also be available. Starting the services on Telegram will provide a better first impression and allow full control of assets in a trusted and known environment.

For even more convenience, automated bot programs are made available by the messenger to facilitate much easier transactions. Zulu has viewed Telegram as the most efficient and safe messenger app around the globe due to its privacy policies.

By merging the messenger and LTC’s blockchain, a one of a kind and incredibly efficient payment system is the result. SMS trading and transfer capabilities came as a result of limited internet access in countries that displayed a demand for cryptocurrency interaction.

1 year ago

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