Charles Hoskinson of Cardano Reveals Positive News

On the 6th of August, creator of Cardano, Charles Hoskinson has spoken publicly and live on Twitter following his decision to forsake the media platform due to some controversial matters earlier this year. During his speech, the founder of IOHK addressed followers about the 1.3/1.4 and the upcoming Shelley update.

The Updates

Hoskinson guaranteed the community that details surrounding the release of the 1.3 update will be revealed shortly. The update is scheduled to go live within the coming few days should no delays or hindering of the update take place due to the 12 hours it takes to filter its way through the system.

The founder initiated his talk by discussing the new improvements in the upcoming upgrade. According to him, much efficiency and refactoring have gone underway. Additionally, memory consumption and usage have seen a significant drop from almost 2 gigabytes to around 150 to 200 megabytes, a whopping 90 percent cut down. Adding even more improvement, the network’s refactoring has also occurred and enhancements in terms of block download times by the network have climbed 300 percent.

Later on, the founder addressed the latter update, Cardano 1.4 scheduled for September. According to him, Cardano’s most significant and biggest upgrade will be the 1.4 version and its founding assets will be incredibly important in terms of the features provided by the system. Blockchain file storage will be heavily cut down from an original filing of well above one million files down to around 44K in total. According to him, in terms of further discussing refactoring of Cardano’s code, he stated that it simplifies testing the code greatly and ensures enhanced quality and performance.


As per Hoskinson, 21 working operatives are as of now, focused on the development of Shelly. He states that the work being done is consistent and linear and will most likely conclude during the end of August and will accompany announcements by the company on when the update itself will be released.

He adds that several factors have contributed to the delay in Shelly, adding that all incentive initiatives and proper documentation has been released and is set to go live. Hoskinson also adds that many of Shelley’s mechanics the company has connected have resulted in a very satisfying product. According to Hoskinson regarding the latest enhancements, his team is reportedly working throughout the system backlog.

1 year ago

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