Charles Hopkinson Hits Out At Tezos' Attempt To Beat Regulations

He believes that the ethereum project is destined for greater things due to its competitive manner.


Hopkinson Addresses Challenges Encountered By Cardano

The founder of Cardano project Charles Hopkinson has addressed a number of issues influencing the crypto industry. Hopkinson talked about the Cardano foundation, IOHK and Emurgo.

In a recent interview, Hopkinson talked about challenges facing Tezos foundation in relation to Cardano. He stated that Cardano does not entirely depend on the foundations like Tezos. Back in 2017, Tezos encountered a number of challenges and Hopkinson said that comparing the two is apples and oranges.

He further alleged that Tezos' founder Arthur Kathleen Breitman was trying to avoid US regulations by using the foundation. Hopkinson acknowledged that the Tezos project is interesting. He stated that he enjoys a good relationship with Breitman in a competitive manner. Recently, the two engaged in a Twitter spat regarding the Cardano Foundation.

Hopkinson also shared his views on bitcoin sidechains like Blockstraem’s liquid sidechain initiative. Hopkinson said that any product that serves its specific community by adhering to regulations and integrity is welcomed. He said that once a project can have a positive impact in the crypto sector, then he will support it.

He added that ethereum is performing well in the market due to a number of innovative things. Hopkinson heaped praise on Vitalik Buterin for ensuring that ethereum was evolving to meet market changes in the wake of stiff competition.

In his final remarks, Hopkinson maintained that he is determined to work with the Cardano community to resolve challenges faced by the Cardano Foundation and continue with the growth process. Hopkinson said that the project was built to move ahead and no factor will hamper its development. He added that Cardano is working with a highly competitive and dedicated team.

1 year ago

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