Back Develops A Screensaver Bitcoin Miner to Generate Funds for its Foundation, A website that allows its users from different parts of the world to generate petitions about any unfairness, has developed a screensaver that lets CPU users who download it turn their computers into a bitcoin mining platforms. When the screensavers are up while their computers are idle, the software will start running as a bitcoin miner. developed this software, in addition to their website, to fund the Foundation that they newly established ( Foundation). The purpose of the foundation is to enable people worldwide to have a positive impact on their society by enabling them to speak up against any unfairness or inequalities they experience through the creation of digital campaigns and enhancing education. is hoping that enough users will download it to achieve its purpose. However, they are reluctant if employers for example would allow their computers to use up more electricity. And, the screensaver is only compatible with Windows platforms for the time being.

A similar platform called Hopepage was created by a charity organization for children (UNICEF), but the organization used a different cryptocurrency called Monero. UNICEF chose this uncommon currency as it is easier for the traditional CPUs. And, users must visit the Hopepage website instead to mine their platforms instead of just installing the screensaver.


2 years ago

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