Change Startup Offers Zero-Fee Trading Application

Change, a crypto-startup located in Singapore is on a new mission of climbing to the top via its new digital trading phone application. In a statement by the company, Change Wallet supports many of the leading cryptocurrencies around, including BTC, ETH, Ripple, and Tether. The wallet is functional on both, iOS and Android systems within the EEA.

Free Service

Change is currently operating out of Estonia and in a recent report, explained the reasoning behind its free service. The company provided three reasons regarding the zero-fee policies. Starting off, the first reason the company explained was it managed to raise $17.5M during its token sale from thousands of individuals. In light of this and the support of the community towards Change, the company believes its free service is a way of paying back customers for their support.

Adding to the explanation, the second reason came as a result of the innovative minds behinds Change Wallet and its creation, stating that the company wants to provide a safe and secure wallet to distinguish itself from any other existing storage methods. The last reason provided was that a friendlier and more accessible cryptocurrency environment would result in a more efficient, transparent and welcoming financial system.


Change stated that it was adamant on creating an international financial market for users to be provided with the best of the best in terms of investment services, including stocks, real estate, funds and more. It added that as cryptocurrency continues to provide more looks at the future of finance and currency, an equally innovative, inviting and zero-fee environment should exist.

During an interview, Kristjan Kangrohas, the company’s chief executive the mainstream transformation of payment methods will become cryptocurrencies. A survey last month also revealed that more than 75 percent of Europeans knew of the existence of digital coins although a minor 10 percent of individuals possessed any coins. A quarter of the surveyed Europeans have expressed future cryptocurrency purchases.

The company continued by saying that through the rising adoption of digital currencies, many consumers are looking for a means to purchase the new-age currency although it often proves to be too costly for most due to high transaction fees from exchanges. The company’s production plan for this year will see many additional services and products, including a paid subscription offer from premium users.

2 years ago

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