Chainbreakers, MANA's Exclusive VR, Game Has Arrived

This week’s declaration comes from the forefathers of the virtual reality platform, Decentraland (MANA). A Virtual Reality game developer for blockchain, Qwellcode, is unveiling the curtain of Decentraland blockchain’s new name.


Chainbreakers, the highly-anticipated adrenaline-pumping game is set in ancient Greece where there’s a waged war between an obtrusive government and seditious rebels: hence the name.

Chainbreakers is a role-playing game and pool fight between the outlaws and authority figures in a constant clash between the game's Artificial Intelligence and players’ armies.  


The game happens over questing areas where you can go from army conquering to slave emancipation in seconds. The aforementioned areas are placed on estates and packs on the  Decentraland blockchain and every area has a pool that’s allotted to game participants based on how well their game-play is; the winner gets more of the pool. To spice things up more, independent landowners can design questing areas and get compensation from the assigned pools.

Chainbreakers provides a simulation of outside-world value, like all other blockchain-driven games, it supports non-fungible tokens. The first of November marks Chainbreakers’ crowdsale offering investors the opportunity to purchase rare in-game NFT weapons for their units.

The Decentraland team explains that what makes Chainbreakers a literal game changer is its reward system for engaging players as it incorporates rare in-game items represented by cryptocurrency and NFTs.

MANA is making cryptocurrency history by becoming the 77th largest coin in the AltDex 100 Index (ALT100) with $73.4 million in market cap.

2 years ago

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