CFTC Officer is on a Tour to Understand Technology

The are many amazing doors that blockchain can open, as stated by Rostin Behnam, an officer from the CFTC who also stressed the importance of blockchain as an industry with considerable potential to have an effect on financial institutions.


In Tokyo, during the ISDA, Behnam approached the subject of crypto space regulation by asking for objectivity. Rostin named a number of apps for DLT.

Moving Forward

The United States’ Commodity Futures Trading Commission regulatory agency needs to comprehend the dynamics of any new technologies and their influence on the international markets. Creators need to have a safe access to the financial systems to help with the overall growth.

Creation during risky times inspires others to build and chase their own designs and paths.

The uses of DLT are infinite. They cover all fields from art to finance. They are a combination of things other than just “technologies”. They are fun to explore and deal with but they also provide practical solutions, Behnam said.

Behnam wanted to know all about the new technologies, that’s why he took a long exploratory journey to discover BTC and other digital currencies, cloud programming, AI, and DLT.

He wanted to avoid being the typical regulator who’s late to understand trends and market changing inventions.

Behnam also wanted to share his perspective on the ecosystem.

1 year ago

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