CEZA Grants Third Digital Trading License So Far

CEZA, the export authority in Cagayan has just issued Liannet Technology its own licensing. The FTSOVC was granted to the company based in Hong Kong. Raul Lambino, the CEO of CEZA stated that his vision of a completely digitized and transformational country such as Silicon Valley is closer than ever.



The CEO stated that CEZA is marking its spot on the world. According to him, 12 other international cryptocurrency firms and financial technology developers have applied and paid in full while awaiting their turn and an additional 19 are expected to join. Additionally, he says that around twenty thousand new jobs will open up as more blockchain-related companies, as well as fintech startups that are part of CEZA,  are licensed once the first 25 licenses have been granted.

Several jobs involving expert IT individuals as well as leading positions and management will be open up. As of now, Liannet Technology is the third recipient of the FTSOVC granted by CEZA. The first two to receive their licenses were Golden Millennial, another local company in HK and the BUPI in Bangkok, an investments firm, and six-month license holder.

Apsaras Group’s leader, Li Jian portrayed gratitude towards CEZA during a summit in Mandaluyong City, expressing confidence in the fact that CZC Exchange will greatly benefit CEZA in terms of developmental contributions and satisfy the needs of every blockchain-tech and crypto supporting individual. In addition, the exchange would collaborate with CEZA to mirror the advancements and status of Silicon Valley in the US through the tech.

More Than Trading

Lambino has stated that trading cryptocurrencies is only a fragment of what the blockchain market represents and consists of. According to him, CEZA is adamant about becoming a center point for fintech given the vast array of fields involved. He adds that the new global dynamic of how business operates is through payment, services provided and trading.

Lambino previously stated this week that CEZA has earned robust profit through the incredibly growing attention towards crypto and financial technology, boasting a whopping 52 percent climb in Q2.

He adds that the increased interest in participating with CEZA has climbed over any predictions of success expected and stating that continuous involvement and informational acquisition regarding the platform is climbing every day.

2 years ago

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