CEO of ShapeShift Says Cryptos Will Take Over Completely

At the beginning of the interview, which lasted 45 minutes, Brockwell asked Voorhees to share what he thought of the industry when it first started. Voorhees, who came into the picture back in 2014, replied that he really felt that crypto funds would continue to grow exceptionally, since the first day. He expressed how he always thought the technology would literally change the world as we know it and that he still feels that way. He believes cryptos will eventually completely take over fiat particularly as people see that an alternative exists to the scam of government currencies.


A Different Future

Voorhees, however, remains guarded in his optimism as he declared that the rise of cryptos is sure to happen at some point while also saying that this requires people, startups, and innovators. He explained how he has committed his life to building and maintaining crypto projects and gaining support for the wide adoption of the technology.  

He continued on to say that cryptos have already grown so much since he started and that every finance organization on the planet is watching it happen. Governments are wary about the whole phenomenon and tens of millions of people have tried it, with most people in the modern world now having heard of it. So, it’s made massive progress, but has a long way to go according to the CEO.

His comments come after a similar statement was made by the American entrepreneur, Tim Draper, who calls fiat political currencies and claims there will be no use for them after a few years or decades.

A Potential Threat

When talking about how involved governments are in the crypto space, Voorhees stated that at first he was worried the United States government and similar authorities would be very harsh on BTC because it represents a likely threat to centralized networks. He was surprised, however, to see that they have been quite tolerant of the idea, which could mean they don’t really comprehend the overall potential of the technology.

He sees the industry had started out as a small project that has grown massively and turned into something that everyone talks about. He also noted that blockchain tech is continuously becoming harder to oppose.

He further explained how the entire industry of decentralized networks and crypto funds holds a lot of power. He sees the revolution behind BTC is currently as powerful as the arrival of the Internet, which are 2 game-changing innovations in the recent history of humanity. Furthermore, the long-time crypto enthusiast expressed that the idea of crypto funds provides a massive benefit to humanity because of its decentralized nature which means high efficiency.

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