CEO of Google Reveals That His Son is Mining ETH

Sergey Brin alongside current CEO of one of the most powerful companies on the planet,  Sundar Pichai, share a few more similarities than they would think. Both leaders have sons that are very enthusiastic about the crypto world, and both are avid ETH miners.


Pichai shared that his own son, who is just 11 years old, mines ETH on his home computer which was built by Pichai. He revealed that tidbit of information during a conference earlier in the week as he was, ironically, debating technology addiction and how one should limit tech time for children.

He recalled having a conversation about BTC with his son over supper, and the boy corrected him by saying that he actually should have said ETH not BTC and that they are quite different. He then told his father he had been mining it.

Pichai was then asked if he had designed a special server for his son’s mining operation, he rebuffed the suggestion and insisted they only have a single computer at home.

Fiat Bonding

The CEO further noted that his son actually knows so much about digital currencies but that he doesn’t know much about normal fiat ones. His father says he had to explain some basic details to him. He started explaining how banks work and why they are so important to the structure of our societies. He concluded that it was a fulfilling talk, and the 11-year-old learned a great deal.

Over the summer, Google’s co-founder Brin shared the fact that he too mines the virtual currency with his own son. The boy originally asked for a gaming computer and his father told him if they get one, they simply had to mine cryptos. So, an ETH mining operation was set up.

Brin, who has a net worth in the neighborhood of a jaw-dropping $50 billion, added that they earned a bit of money from their operation.

In a previous statement, Brin said that ETH mining has been the core of a recent upwards trend in technology and that’s it’s driving things forward. He stated that we are currently living in the rebirth of technology with various applications surfacing across many segments in our society. He credited a number of factors in this phenomenon, which are Moore’s law, to begin with, along with the increasing demand which stems from a high level of graphics in games, applications, and finally the PoW network used in many major cryptos like ETH.

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