CCID Adds XTZ and NULS to Upcoming Ranking System

The CCID in China has published a list of all startups involved in blockchain that will be part of its upcoming ranking system to be released on the 17th of August. Aside from the projects listed on the ranking system, Tezox and Nuls will be included.


XTZ and NULS will be part of the ranking list and the department has stated that any project looking to be part of the list must fulfill certain conditions. To qualify, each project must own an independent blockchain, permit the creation of public nodes freely, a public browser and viewable data on blocks must operate as an open-source chain and an operational webpage and information on how to contact the related company’s development team.

Tezos is a blockchain that offers several state of the art features including a self-upgrading system designed to allow the blockchain to basically evolve without a split in the main chain and dividing its current community into two. Tezos also operates like Ethereum is that it fully supports digital contracts and dApps although Tezos up its up a notch by introducing formal verification to thoroughly validate any digital contract and prove its integrity. Its beta net was released last month after a successful initial coin offering resulting in a $232M gain.

On the other hand, Nuls launched its main network last month, as well as an open-source startup with a cutting edge and fully customizable blockchain framework, provide full backing of digital contracts and side by side growth. Nuls also supports a design consisting of two parts including what is known as microkernels, supporting the core operations for the entire network and functional modules. This grants full access to introducing or removing modules during any operation.

As of now, XTZ and NULS hold their own ranks as 17th and 84th on the ALT100 ranking system.

2 years ago

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