CBA Approved by World Bank for New Bond

The CBA has just been approved by the World Bank to place in an order for a new state of the art bond. The new bonds relate to foreign bonds granted in AUD will be generated and operated through blockchain tech and is designed to ease the escalation and trading of capital assets as per the report.


CIO of World Bank, Denis Robitaille, stated that the new cutting-edge bond is a new step forward in terms of educating and advising client nations on possible chances of disruption by the new age tech and their opportunities. Additionally, the WB and CBA have both expressed their interest in connecting blockchain-tech and debt contracts.

Furthermore, the bond will from now on be officially referred to as the bond-i and this marks the first involvement by the global bank into blockchain-tech. So far, two other banks have stated that the bond-i will see its launch following advisory meetings with other involved investors on the matter and no confirmation on a date has been made. Both banks have also acknowledged the potential behind the technology, DLT, as a fundamental tech of block and crypto.

As of now, one of the private ETH blockchains is operational due to the fact that it possesses the required conditions as per the CBA. More so, additional features will be welcomed in the future and it continues growing. As a means of combating poverty on a global scale, many newly rising economies are receiving support by the World Bank, stating that the bank aims at ending global poverty and distributing health and prosperity across the world in easy and efficient methods.

According to reports, the bank distributes anywhere between $50-60B annually and advises and analysis data for many developing nations. Down the line, the Australian SEC is determined on a transition from current centralized solutions towards into blockchain-tech.

2 years ago

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