CatalX Collaborates with Bittrex for Massive Crypto-Range

In joining Bittrex through a new collaboration, CatalX will provide the Canadian market with many new digital currency trading pairs. The new team-up will introduce over 200 new cryptocurrency pairs. Regardless, a few vital details that veteran traders have been waiting for have yet to be mentioned.


Commenting on the partnership, the Justin Kim, chief executive officer of CatalX, stated that this new agreement with Bittrex is significant step forward for the company and places them at the forefront of the Canadian crypto-market. Additionally, the company is will be introducing the wide array of cryptocurrencies offered by Bittrex to the market and will offer 200 different pairings with exclusive features and more.

“This partnership with Bittrex is a big step for us, as it positions us  as a leader in the Canadian digital asset market. We are honoured to be  able to bring Bittrex’s extensive cryptocurrency options to the Canadian  market with one of the highest brand reputations in the industry. We  will offer more than 200 coin pairings with premium features as well as  competitive fees,”

Justin Kim, CatalX’s CEO

CatalX was launched last year and licensed by Bittrex from its get-go. As no confirmation by leading figures at either company has been made, there have been rumors and thoughts regarding Bittrex and how CatalX might be one its own projects created specifically for the Canadian crypto-market.

The most important question traders will be wondering about is liquidity. Will clients of CatalX be able to access Bittrex’s exchange platform? Or will it be a completely different platform? In either case, both are bound to drawn in more clients and customers although they would highly prefer to be granted access to Bittrex.

Apart from complications regarding image and trust, many viable reasons are present for maintaining a different company. The country’s regulations are slight firm and may possibly develop into even stronger or stricter regulations. This also comes as a result of several different financial authority agencies in different provinces within Canada. As of now though, traders have the option of registering for the beta phase and Bittrex has been contemplating a possible extension of fiat-cryptocurrency trading.

2 years ago

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