Catalonia Independence Campaigners Turn to Bitcoin for Donations

Reports indicate that they have turned to cryptos since they cannot be traced as easily: the leaders have specifically settled on bitcoin.


Exiled Leaders Request Bitcoin Donations

For years now, the Catalonian community has been pushing for independence from Spain. The campaign escalated after a referendum was conducted last year. To achieve this course, those backing independence are looking for funding. Reports published in the local media indicate that former president Carles Puigdemont is calling on well-wishers to donate to the campaign by using cryptocurrencies. He extended the call to Catalonian politicians who fled the region.

The call for cryptocurrency donations can be viewed on the website. The platform is a money collections protocol developed by Peter Sunde. Sunde is part of the team that founded the infamous file-sharing network The Piratebay. Both platforms are located in the Caribbean.

According to the funds description, any money collected will be channeled towards helping exiled independence campaigners. The individuals fled due to persecution from the Spanish authorities. Generally, the money will aid Puigdemont and other politicians who served under him.

Details on the website indicate that donations can be wired through PayPal and other electronic cards. Local media reports that the president has also called for crypto donations, specifically in Bitcoin. According to the reports, he opted for cryptos because they cannot be traced easily.

Unlike traditional currency, digital currencies do not rely on state control. Reports show that there was a bitcoin address provided on the fund's platform. A post on Reddit shows that the address was subsequently pulled down.

We still have some uncertainty as to whether the address belonged to the Catalonian leaders. The post was accompanied by the alleged address. A review of the wallet showed that it had 81,000 bitcoins. By Friday, the final balance, however, stood at 39 bitcoins.

As part of terms on the website, it highlights that on matters of transparency and fund management, a third party is appointed to allocate the funds in a fair manner. It adds that an audit is later conducted on the usage of the funds.

However, the influential El Confidential reports that over the last six months there has not been any report availed regarding utilization of the funds collected. Additionally, details on the third party team appointed to allocate the funds are notably absent.

2 years ago

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