Caroline Wozniacki is First Female Athlete to Create Crypto Coin

Caroline Wozniacki will be the first woman in sports to create a personalized crypto token. The deal was made in Singapore alongside Global Crypto Offering Exchange, with the globally-ranked second best professional female tennis player saying that she is excited to potentially benefit from the deal before other athletes follow suit.


Wozniacki is in Singapore to take part in the finals of the WTA, a tournament created for the top-ranked female players that takes place at the end of the season. The Danish star is the defending champion; at present, she is ranked at the top of the table as she prepares for the next tournament following the withdrawal of Simona Halep.

Crypto and Celebrities

GCOX has a reputation within the crypto community for attracting famous investors and spokespeople, including legendary boxer Manny Pacquiao, as well as ex-international football star Michael Owen, and including such high-ranking officials as one of the members of the Abu Dhabi royal family. GCOX wants to help celebs create their own coins and assist them with managing the ITS listings.

The trend took off after news about Pacquiao’s plans to launch his Pac token with GCOX made headlines following his announcement. The move was made in hopes that the inspiring story of the boxer’s life would create popularity for his token once it’s released. The offering was promoted by Pacquiao earlier this month when he was attending Asia's 2018 blockchain fair. His token is awaiting approval from the Filipino SEC.

Tokenizing Fame

The first token is expected to be released in early 2019 according to the Chief Executive Officer of GCOX, Jeffery Lin. No further details were given about whose token it would be exactly, but he reflected about it being either Pacquiao’s token, or possibly Owen’s pending approval.

The trend of celebrity-based tokens has taken off in recent months. Buyers will use the specific celeb coins as a way to get their hands on exclusive products, tickets for events, or even benefit from perks like meeting the respective celebrities live or via live-streaming.

To purchase celebrity tokens, customers have to have ACM tokens from GCOX. Lin explained that they are looking forward to selling enough tokens to reach a total value between $300 and $600 million. It wasn’t clear, however, how many have actually been sold at this time, but as the industry takes off, the cap may rise along with it.

2 years ago

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