Carlos Matos Wants You to Sell Your Bitconnect

In a raging Tweet, Carlos Matos asked everyone following him to leave Bitconnect because he alleges it’s a fraud.


Carlos said that all Bitconnect investors were expecting a return of the daily 1% they were told they would get. To become one of the most solid currencies in the crypto market, Bitconnect had a ploy.

At one point, a token was worth $450 which resulted in a total profit of over 2.7 billion dollars. However, it couldn’t keep up after different charges. Therefore, it fell apart in a token downward spiral from $450 to $6 in a span of 14 days.


All those who lost from Bitconnect have gathered on social media to share their stories and air their grievances.

In a curious twist that happened just a few weeks back, Matos appeared in a presentation swearing by Bitconnect and saying that it had earned him an incredible amount of profit.

His enthusiasm turned him into a meme within the crypto community as famous as the BTC sign guy, HODL, and Roger Ver Rage Quit.

The short fueled enthusiasm was revealed when Carlos  announced his Bitconnect was the reason of his loss of an amount worth $100,000.

Carlos is taking it like a champion - or a champion in denial- by tweeting his story with Herbalife (the guy must love a good MLM scam), and that no matter how much money you lose in the crypto field, you can lose more with Herbalife.

Life is tricky, Carlos, but at least you have a good sense of humor about it.

2 years ago

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