Cardano Founder Speaks on Sustainability for the Cardano Project

Cardano founder recently held a forum where he talked about the project’s development and potential.


Hoskinson Speaks On Cardano’s Development

The man behind Cardano, Charles Hoskinson recently carried out an AMA from a Toronto hotel. During the session, Hoskinson talked about a number of issues related to his cryptocurrency and its market progress. Notably, the AMA came as surprise since there was no prior information about it.

Despite the short notice for the Wednesday event, interested parties joined and interacted with Hoskinson. He was tasked to give responses to some queries from community members.  However, Hoskinson issued an apology for not having standby feedback. He promised that his team will provide an announcement in the coming days.

On paper, Cardano is a unique asset in the cryptocurrency world. The project utilizes the blockchain 3.0 concept. From the look of things, this version can tackle a number of issues associated with the current blockchain such as scalability and sustainability. This potential has led optimism from crypto lovers.

During the session in Toronto, a user compared EOS and Cardano. He stated that EOS has pulled up $4 billion while on the other hand, Cardano has struggled to raise $60 million.

The comparison forced Hoskinson to speak about the projects stability in the market and its ability to succeed in the coming days. Many experts have branded Cardano’s growth as slow even though chances of finding bugs have remained low. According to Hoskinson, Ether had hardly hit the 18 million mark while bitcoin had no major backing, but they are considered to be successful projects.

Another user wanted to know if EOS can deploy Cardano’s platform once development was fully done. Hoskinson stated that it was a possibility. He said that they are open to the idea since they don't want to see people lose money.

Cardano is behind the ADA token whose pricing has remained unknown. The team behind the token rarely delves into pricing trends. When making their announcements, the team usually talks about the development progress.

The EOS  blockchain system focuses on decentralized apps. However, the system has encountered a number of criticisms due to errors. Many believe that such errors have been behind the slow adoption. Notably, EOS has maintained a positive market reputation.

Despite being under development, Cardano sits at position 9 in market cap. It has a value of $1.95 billion. On the hand, EOS is fourth with a market value of $4.8 billion.

2 years ago

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