Cardano Founder Aims at Making ADA the Foundation of a Trillion Dollar Industry

Co-founder of Cardano, the big-time crypto-bull Charles Hoskinson has been known to make some truly daring statements regarding crypto and blockchains, stating that cryptocurrencies are the greatest invention of all time and that Wall Street will flood cryptocurrencies and its environment with trillions of dollars.


Hoskinson has made yet another determined statement, noting the company’s blockchain and its future. On Reddit, the Emurgo initiative had a video posted on the companies subreddit in which Hoskinsons explains his new end-goal regarding Cardano, determined on developing it to a point of self-sustain.

He compared the new project to Bitcoin’s method of operating, buying coins to cash out. He is determined to turn the ADA coin into a service permitting involvement in an economy founded on trust and equality. In light of this video, he now states that Cardano will be worth a Trillion Dollars.


Many view Charles Hoskinson’s statements of blockchain-tech and its impact as over-ambitious and farfetched. Despite that, supporters view the co-founder’s rational thought process in terms the widespread acceptance of blockchain technology after his departure from the second-ranking cryptocurrency and its company, Ethereum, to build his own and concerns surrounding the quality of service are floating around. 

An analyst in the blockchain industry, Ali Yazbek, commented on the astounding claims by Hoskinson, although the analyst does admit to the methods in which the co-founder supports his own arguments with consistency.

 EToro, another company broadcast its own research into blockchain tech and its applications, explaining the project as a philosophical grouping of fundamentals and specialized computer scientists as opposed to a company with just a cryptocurrency of their own and also highlighted the incredible advancement Cardano has made.

2 years ago

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