Canada Bank States CBDC Importance to the Economy

As centralized currencies become a more widespread subject among various nations, with several attempts at creating them and deciding on whether they should or not have discovered that according to S. Mohammad R. Davoodalhosseini from the BoC, his report states that economies around the world can see heavy expansion and profit through these national cryptocurrencies.


In the report, the bank official used the US and Canada as examples. In terms of Canada creating a domestic currency, he indicates a rise of 0.64% within the economy and as for the United States, a heavy increase of 1.6% in light of economies utilizing traditional fiat currency.

In his report, the official tackles one serious question that continues keeping nations hesitant in creating a national currency in regards to how a standard and complete monetary system may be possible upon introducing CBDC and cryptocurrencies as of now. He explains it as both payment methods, fiat and the domestic currency being available may cause a decrease in welfare as opposed to one system operating individually. Additionally, should a nation withdraw its fiat from its monetary flow it may provide aimed and assisting in welfare development.

Unlike a country that only operates on traditional currency, CBDC introduction into circulation may provide domestic banks transparency and tracking of customers. By distributing these national currencies, countries will be able to facilitate better banking services and essentially force other banks to upgrade and adapt by offering cost-efficient products. However, the official did state that research and development of the concept have not been explored thoroughly and deeply enough.

Positive Gain

Other reasons among the benefits of CBDC introduction come in many forms, such as the introduction of a national currency in Iran as a means of avoiding US sanctions given that they didn’t apply to the currencies. Cryptocurrencies provide international transactions and maybe become an everyday currency in the foreseeable to come.

2 years ago

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