Can MLM Reborn Into a True Cryptocurrency?

Ten years after the creation of the world's first cryptocurrency, the new incredible coins have appeared. Some of them really bear value and improve people's lives. Others simply deflate money from investors and disappear. As a rule, these two groups of coins never intersect. But sometimes a miracle happens: initially the fraudulent project recognizes its mistakes and is reborn for the benefit of all.


Now there are 1960 cryptocurrencies in the world, according to Coinmarketcap. Behind each of them are a project and an idea. Every day the number of coins only grows. Some of the startups really want to change the world and come up with useful solutions. EOS is the latest example.

There are other projects. They want only to cash in on the popularity of cryptocurrencies and fool investors. Perhaps, Bitconnect is one of the most striking examples. Its founders offered gullible users 1,000% per day profit from their investments. The whole structure of the project was built on the principle of MLM. As a result, the authorities of several countries banned Bitconnect, their founders were condemned, and investors lost money.

It's very rare, but it happens that start-ups evolve from the scum into a real, really worthwhile project. This happened with Swisscoin (SIC).


Initially, Swisscoin worked on the principle of MLM, just like Bitconnect. The founder of the

project - Manfred Mayer - was accused of fraudulent actions. In March 2018, the project changed its mind and got completely new management, as well as the development strategy. Swiss Fintech Development AG, led by CEO Tibor Müller with more than 25 years of experience in banking and finance, took the "steering wheel" of the Swisscoin.

The main goal of the new team is to completely abandon the structure of MLM. And in order not to be unfounded, the team invested its own money in the project. This step makes it quite clear that new managers are not going to cheat. After all, in this case, they will lose their money.

New Horizons

The team brought not only honesty but a new life to the project. Now Swisscoin has concentrated development in two areas: community and technology.

The community will become the engine for the development of the renewed project, and technology - fertile soil for this. The project believes that fintech will become the future. This sector is growing at an incredible rate. And Switzerland is a world leader in this field. From this country, Swisscoin plans to start its expansion into the global financial markets.

The ultimate goal of the project is to become a real currency, recognized by everyone: from banks and financial companies to ordinary citizens and merchants.

Another focus of Swisscoin is exclusive things and services. For example, with the help of a coin, everyone can get access to various festivals, music services, car rental, and hotel booking.

New Life

Everyone in this world deserves a second chance. Especially if he admitted mistakes and vouched with his head for them. Swisscoin has come a long way. But finally, the project got the team that knows how and where to go. And most importantly, it wants to develop honestly.

1 year ago

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