Buterin Warns BCH Community Against Craig Wright Claims

Vitalik, the co-founder of BTC Magazine and the ETH crypto, announces on his Twitter that he opposes to Craig Wright’s schemes, and calls out for the BCH community to reject him and his “defunct” BCC token.

The Chief nChain Scientist, Craig Wright, is to start a new project where he implements a full node for BCH, which is BTC SV (Satoshi Vision), claiming that it will be in terms with the original purpose and use that Satoshi Nakamoto had in mind for crypto miners.

Again, Craig starts controversy around himself. He started so when he claimed that he was Satoshi Nakamoto, and that proclamation was proven to be a “joke” back in October 2017. On top of that, even before that has happened, he was charged in an earlier case for taking advantage of his partner’s death to take away his share in their crypto mining venture.


On the BTC SV project, Craig announces that it will be presenting four opcodes, MUL, INVERT, RSHIFT, and LSHIFT which would contribute to creating a higher size limit for blocks. This way Blocks can have a size limit up to 128 Megabytes. On top of that, Craig mentioned how transactions will be much faster and more efficient through BTC SV while proving crypto miners with the ease of controlling their designated fee policies.

Craig has set BTC CV to be launched a short while before BCH’s hardfork in November. The BTC ABC team, leading the hard fork took steps to make amends which will not be supported by BTC SV. BTC SV is short on its ability to make changes after it is added to BCH, so it gives ABC the advantage over manipulating the release.

It appears that the main controversy at the moment is the kind of users who will be able to utilize BCH. ABC’s upgrade will craft BCH into a currency that can be used by everyone, regardless of their investment purposes. This may prove beneficial in case cross-chain contracts would be made or if the users decide to use oracles. While Craig’s BTC SV is only beneficial to crypto miners. At the announcement of the changes that will be made, Craig expressed his fury and indifference towards it in a recent tweet.

The community remains to be divided and taking sides. While some side with Vitalik and express their disapproval of Craig, and others saying that Craig is moving nChain towards technology and ideas rather than the people, which is practical to the nature of BCH.

However, some other views just see it all as an influential farce, and believe that the market lacks the censorship that would deem any of the two views more or less acceptable.

2 years ago

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