Buterin Shares His Plan Ahead of Ethereum's Increased Daily Transaction Goal

The network will rely on the Zcash technology. 


How Ethereum Seeks to Achieve 500 Transactions Per Second

Plans are underway to stretch the ethereum network in order to permit more transactions in a day. According to co-founder Vitalik Buterin, the aim is to increase the transactions by over 3000% without depending on second-layer platforms.

Buterin made the plans public in a post on ethereum research platform.  He said that ethereum network can pick up a few features from the Zcash cryptocurrency. The cryptos privacy backed system dubbed ZK-SNARKS can be beneficial for validating transactions on ethereum platform in large numbers.

The technology permits the relaying of nodes meant to validate how correct computations are eliminating the need for executing them. Buterin added that relayers will have an opportunity to batch transactions then post to the ZK-SNARK system where authenticity will be proven.  It will then have a massive impact on the data stored in the open ledger.

Buterin stated that we will have two categories; the transactor and relayer. The latter is tasked with taking a number of operation from clients, puts them together and lays them in a single transaction. It is then placed in a ZK-SNARK for verification. All the information about the transaction is then placed on the blockchain. Perks are then issued to relayer from those conducting transactions.

In his own words, Buterin believes that the technology will permit ethereum to manage about 500 transactions in a span of a second. At the moment, the ethereum platform can allow 15 transactions per second. If the technology is integrated, it will mean that the transaction rate will rise by 3200%.

Ethereum Hurdles Ahead of Mass Adoption

Scaling advancement is needed for the global economy to embrace ethereum in mass.  There is still a struggle in terms of ethereum dApps to achieve mass adoption. Only a few dApps have been embraced on a wider scale. Most have only managed about 500 users within a single day.

At the same time, ethereum is avoiding the situation experienced back in December 2017.  Ethereum dApp had a large user background leading to clogging something that resulted in an increase of gas fees. It occurred when crypto kitties were unveiled.  In some cases, the platforms hit approximately 14, 000 users daily. The Crypto Kitties launch even forced a firm to push forward an ICO due to congestion. The ICO was directly linked to the dApp. Buterin view about Zcash technology has been shared before by a number of researchers.

2 years ago

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