Bulgarian Officers Busted for Demanding Bitcoin Bribes

The arrests of two Bulgarian officers has been reported after the officials accepted BTC as a bribe for the completion of passport issuance to non-nationals. The officers demanded the compensation, and punished those who refused their demands.


As mentioned by NOVA, a local news channel, the officers were confirmed by the statements issued by the court to have worked for the official agency for Bulgarian citizens living overseas- both in managing positions. Allegedly they accepted from 5 to 15 bribes weekly throughout the summer.


TNW was the first to recognize the report that stated the specifics of what happened and how the accused officers intentionally postponed the issuance of any documents to anyone who failed to make payment. The duo made sure that it was almost impossible to acquire the required documents on time.

The officers’ lawyer refuted the accusation by pointing out the lack of evidence linking the illegally issued passports to his clients. Also, no record of them receiving any bitcoin payments exists.

The prosecution, however, replied that the fact they have seized BTC wallets verify that some of the bitcoin bribes were exchanged to cryptocurrency and sent to them.

As stated by the prosecuting attorneys, someone anonymously stated that at first the issuance of his requested documents got denied. However, they were instantly issued after the bribe payment in bitcoins cleared. Additionally, a witness who worked as the National Agency’s deputy director states that he had knowledge of what was going on.

A witness, who confessed to paying the officials bitcoin bribes twice, stated that the demanded bribes for the issuance of documents reached €5,000. Even though this would be the first time Bulgarian officials has accepted bribes in bitcoins, government officials have faced similar problems relating to this type of corruption in the past.

A professor who collected and reserved bitcoins using a supercomputer was sanctioned by the US government in 2014. Also, some Russian researchers were charged for the attempt to own leadership of the cryptocurrency using aid of powerful machines.

1 year ago

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