BTC’s New Version To Go Live in November

Details of the next Bitcoin Cash upgrade have been revealed. According to developers, Bitcoin ABC, the new updates will be out by November 15th this year. The announcement was meant to ensure users are ready once the new version is released. With the new rollout, the technology behind Bitcoin Cash will not be affected.

At the moment, users can implement the update but it will only go live in November. Users of the platform are being encouraged to download the latest update. According to Bitcoin ABC, its main agenda is to provide a currency that can be rolled out globally and the new upgrade is meant to accelerate the goal achievement.

The new version will improve BCH language for scripting. A canonical transaction ordering has also been added which will play a vital role in the scaling plans.

In a statement, the developers added that the upgrades are meant to assist everybody on the platform. The main goal is to improve user experience. Additionally, the updates are meant to accelerate the adoption of cryptocurrencies in the future. Bitcoin cash plans to enable the platform available for an average individual.

Bitcoin ABC noted that it will consider the needs of miners, users and investors of BTC. The new version came to life due to collaboration among key stakeholders in the market.

2 years ago

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