BTC is testing the support of $10,000 after the last rush

Today minimum rate of BTC/USD pair at the level of $10,250 was changed from $11,532. Today's Bitcoin volatility is not the first and not the last in the history of the cryptocurrency. Its current level does not exceed the average for this year. So there is no reason to worry.

By the way, the fact that the BTC is trampling on the spot after the growth from 3 to 13 thousand dollars, a lot of discouraged analysts. It would seem that there is a clear bullish trend, but the coin is constantly bouncing back from its highs.

Some believe that $10,000 is the best level of support, and think that in the near future everything will not be so bright. They base their opinion on the absence of a breakthrough in the altcoin, which traditionally correlates with the BTC and rises in price as the first cryptocurrency do.

1 year ago

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