BTC Puzzle With $1.9M Reward Won This Week

A BTC based puzzle was released for all crypto enthusiasts to participate in the challenge. The puzzle required players to discover a hidden digital wallet’s private key to receive a major reward of 310 bitcoin, an amount larger than any other prize offered thus far. The latest bitcoin challenge received significant attention however with the event of the wallet finally drained yesterday October 10, one lucky individual seems to have found the hidden codes. 


Bitcoin Puzzle Offers Largest BTC Jackpot To Date

According to the BTC challenge site creator, who has remained anonymous, a picture was provided with a total of 310 bitcoin concealed in the image. Challengers must locate private keys to these hidden coins to be able to own the funds. Recently, a growing trend in crypto puzzles and challenges has been noted within the crypto community, which utilizes aspects of cryptography and deep investigation leading players to the desired prize. Rewards for these digital asset challenges usually averaged at numbers ranging at 5 BTC. With this image based coding puzzle, prize-hungry participants were offered a whopping $1.9 million in bitcoin.

The digital wallet address linked to the puzzle was shown to contain 310 bitcoin and despite suspicion, the associated signature given was authenticated through the use of a Electrum BTC wallet. This means that the individual who designed the puzzle has access to this particular wallet. However, this does not determine whether players attempting to solve the puzzle found the wallets private key through the help of clues hidden across the image. Monochromatic shapes labeled with a series of digits across the image allegedly pertain to the wallet’s private key. Regardless, funds were officially emptied yesterday through a single transaction for the amount of 310 bitcoin.

Suspicions for the Anonymous Puzzle Master’s Motives Rise

According to a statement released in a FAQ by the anonymous creator, the individual is among early bitcoin enthusiasts, who personally mined BTC during its early years from a PC. The puzzle creator refused to offer any additional information other than a pseudonym Pip. Although Pip’s close family and friends are aware of his success and wealth derived from mining bitcoin, he or she wishes to remain discrete to the public due to safety reasons.  

Pip also pointed out that several other keys linked to wallets containing lesser amounts are also hidden within the encrypted image. Three of which were mentioned to contain values ranging between 0.1 and 0.31 BTC. The smallest of wallets was discovered by a player with a handle Lustre, however, the individual who allegedly discovered the key to the jackpot remains unknown. Pip noted that this puzzle was the first challenge he created as a type of experiment, and plans to make more to come. Hoping players will enjoy attempting to crack his scrambled codes, critics are suspicious of whether Pip himself played a role in moving the funds as a way of frustrating or confusing players.

2 years ago

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