BTC Provides CheapAir Payment Method Through BTCPayServer

CheapAir, the American travel agency previously providing a merchant platform on Coinbase, has announced that the company will begin adopting Bitcoin payments through BTCPayServer as an alternative after Coinbase, a leading exchange platform on a global level, shut down the travel company’s merchant platform on its exchange.



CheapAir has been on a constant search for a payment alternative after its services were shut down on Coinbase. The company announced on Twitter that it is seeking to introduce a payment system for Bitcoin users looking to acquire their services through the leading cryptocurrency.

CEO Jeff Klee announced that was searching for a new Bitcoin processor and has been testing the BTCPayServer’s payment processing service. According to Klee, CheapAir will provide faster, stronger and more efficient services through their latest Bitcoin introduction and the changes themselves will prove to be highly beneficial due to a better understanding and response to unusual situations or circumstances on the cryptocurrency market.

Adding to the statement, the company further explained that many others have been affected by Coinbase’ latest actions which have driven companies and customers alike to find new solutions and approaches to their operations and that by introducing Bitcoin, the travel agency and its customers will greatly benefit from the new payment method. After the company previously joined Coinbase to introduce even more digital currencies such as BCH and Litecoin, its sudden shutdown has forced the company to find another alternative.

Everyone Benefits

Given the success behind introducing cryptocurrencies as an alternative method paying for the services of, the company recognized the potential that currently fuels its search for a new approach.

Accepting Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is not a new concept. Many companies from every industrial sector have been adopting crypto-coins and integrating them into their systems to provide payable services using digital coins.

2 years ago

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