BTC Price to Set Another Record Next Year, Quoine Head Predicts

Bitcoin price will rise to $20,000, or at least come close to this mark next year. Mike Kayamori, head of fintech company Quoine, thinks so.

According to Mike Kayamori, it is quite difficult to predict when exactly BTC will beat the next price record. But he is convinced that sooner or later this will happen. Presently Kayamori sees Bitcoin price is almost at the bottom.

There are a few chances that bullish rally will come back to the market this year. But in 2019 many factors can push the price up. Among them, the weakening of regulation and Fed interesting rates hike.

According to CoinGecko, in December last year, BTC set an absolute record and reached $19,665. Than bears came to the market and began a period of the sharp price drop. At the time of publication, the BTC price dropped to $3,887, which is 80.3% less than the peak values.

1 year ago

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